Report and Analysis

Empowers Your Team with our Data Analysis Platform

Build a Solid Foundation for Success

Data analysis and reporting is a scary concept, but It’s a business necessity for every organization. Reports and Analysis are only valuable if you can share insights with the people who can take action at the right time.
Through Blue Summit solutions, we help our clients to better understand and improve their operations, financial models, customer relationships, supply chain, workforce, business opportunities, and competitive standing. Our data reporting is extremely flexible and can be customized, analysed, and visualized in virtually to provide real-time insights regardless of the channels you use to gather your data.

Web App

Build drag-and-drop dashboards to deliver real-time data and visualizations tailored to your users’ specific needs with the help of Blue Summit Web Application. You can leverage simplified widget-based dashboards that include key goals and benchmarks.

Android App

Spot trends, identify outliers and analyse profitability whilst drilling down into the underlying details. Keep your finger on your android screen and monitor your income, track your expenses and know your data’s story. Give it a try today!


Add data from other business systems with your iOS devices easily to help find the undiscovered issues that may be lurking in the shadows. You can use Blue Summit’s built-in reports or create custom reports capable of facilitating even the most advanced analysis and explore the data.

Track and Communicate with our Web Application

Blue Summit consolidates your data and reports in a secure centralized database, so you can track and communicate performance with real-time accuracy with the help of our web application. Built-in financial intelligence gives you the ability to drill into the data and get the full story for in-the-moment decision making.

Android App